Anger Problem?


Do you know what causes anger and why it should be managed?

Anger is a very common and necessary emotion, and in itself is not a problem as long as it is controlled. The problems arise when the anger starts to control the person, rather than the other way around.

Why do I get angry?

Anger can be a reaction to many triggers, but very often the trigger is not the root cause of the problem. In order to really control your anger, you need to take a long hard look at why you get angry, exactly what you are angry at, and the consequences of your anger.

If you look back over your life you'll very often find that, at the times when you really lost your temper, it actually made things much worse instead of better.

What causes my anger?

The root causes of anger can be frustration and stress, and just by being
overtired. Sometimes it can be from a feeling of low self esteem, and you can portray your own shortcomings or failings onto those around you. Unfortunately that often means loved ones, who bear the brunt of the anger through no fault of their own.

Why is anger management important?

It is important for you to analyze the reasons for your anger and deal with it for many reasons. Angry outbursts have been the cause of the break-up of many otherwise happy relationships, and it is also extremely bad for your health. When you get angry your blood pressure rises and can lead to coronary heart trouble and other health problems.

What's next?

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