How to Get Your Angry Teen To Open Up To You

Do you have a teenage son or daughter that is very angry and you can’t seem to get through to them? If so, then it’s probably natural for you feel that your only option is to ship them off someplace.

But before making that decision, in this video, Josh Shipp of suggests you consider an alternative anger management technique if you’re the parent of an angry teen.

As a former angry teen himself, Josh points out that communication is the key to helping a teenager with anger issues. He explains that “what you don’t talk out, you act out.”

Josh says:

If you have problems inside of you and you don’t talk those out, you’re going to explode in anger.

So, how do you get your teen to open up to you when they’re angry?

Show them that you can relate to them. Josh explains:

Well, talk about some things that frustrated you. And talk about some things that were hard for you, and some of your mistakes. Some of the things that you’re not always so great at…

Cause I find that when you’re vulnerable with a teenager, when you sort of cough up a mistake, you cough up vulnerability, a weakness, then they in turn will feel more comfortable sharing that with you.